Today’s Happy List

Today’s Happy List

I did good today. Being happy remained my one mission all day.

My playlists had me almost singing on the train. And smiling at the thought of breaking out in song (badly) amongst serious commuters who don’t even say hello back.

My playlists also had me stay on task at work and I had a super productive day.

My brain breaks were some mega cute animal videos on Facebook – this is my current favourite. And images and videos from my vision board – the property my partner and I are looking for. My cat with the goat, pig, giraffe and orang utan that I want to join our family. And the messages that my partner sends to remind me that he loves me.

I left work early to get to the pharmacy for my repeat script. Specifically for my quetiapine that I missed last night. As I was waiting I figured that not having quetiapine may not be a bad thing. Not much sleep but a good day today. Quite a good day. But then is that laying a path for mania? I’m not sure.

Life has generally been either up or down. Even after so many years it’s hard to determine whether good feelings are just going to stay as that. Or lead to mania. Though I must admit that I crave it sometimes. But I just know now that my manic episodes don’t end well. But great fun until then.

In the meantime, my Happy lists are another tool for me to manage this thing they call bipolar. And today was a successful happy list day.

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