My bubble within my bubble

My bubble within my bubble

I just had a shower. My first in a couple of days which is unusual as of late – the last couple of weeks I’ve been showering pretty much most days. This is one of my signs that I am good. For months prior to this, two showers in a week was a (pretty gross) rarity.

I have a shower dome and now when I step inside it and shut the doors, the space in it belongs only to me. It allows me to fully breathe. To fully feel the water patter on my face, on my back, flow down my body. As I increase the temperature my muscles relent as the heat frees them from their tensions. My breath gets deeper as my lungs find a new capacity. With this comes a soothing calmness.

It is all about the water, the heat, my body getting lighter, the freshness moving through me. I can feel the steam build, which has been created by all this goodness inside my shower dome. I open all my pores with my breath and let the goodness seep into me. I am showering and steaming in nothing by pure goodness. Pure okayness. And purely oblivious to everything else I have ever known.

Nothing else exists in these moments. It is one of very few times that my mind is quiet, calm and happy. I’ve struggled with mindfulness but today I feel I nailed it. It’s the shizzle and needs to stay in my toolbox for sure. A daily practice even – a daily escape to my bubble within my bubble.

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