Joy in a phone call

Joy in a phone call

I never answer the phone. Well, pretty much never. I guess its a bit like preferring not to socialise. Or perhaps it is from times where I’ve gotten myself in debt and wanting to hide from it as much as possible.

Anyway, I don’t even know why, but I answered the phone just now. I’d actually just ordered another debit card (in an honest attempt to take charge of my finances as part of my anti-online shopping mission by the way) and some small print mentioned they will call me, so assumed it may be that.

But it wasn’t. It was Vicky (or Vicki) from the local library. The books that I had ordered during lockdown are ready for me to collect. They are not yet open but I can collect as part of their takeaway service. Great surprise!

I’ve resorted totally to audiobooks and podcasts during lockdown but there is something special about sitting down with an actual book. In a little pocket of sunshine with a furry friend. Or the last thing at night with the blankies (and a furry friend) close.

My takeaway slot is in an hour. I’m excited! I’m reminded of when I was at primary school, we had the Ashton-Scholastic Book Club. We (if we were good or had saved enough pocket money) could order a brand new book then we would wait I think a week or two until they were delivered to class. I thought about that book every day and was so excited when I received it. A bit like Christmas. Christmas joy.

So thanks for calling Vicky (or Vicki) – you’ve brought me joy in a phone call. It’s a little thing I know. But little things are what it’s all about. I’m going to ride my Christmas-like joy into town and collect my books.

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