I got this

I got this

I haven’t quite got my head around this whole lockdown. The thought that an internationally sprawling virus can isolate nations to their one abode, is almost sci-fi movie like. Going to the supermarket, having to keep two metres away from the next person in line, being allowed in one by one by a security guard wearing a perspex face guard. I feel like I should be saying “under his eye” and nodding on my way in. Still far from that dystopian society but still feels a bit unreal. Though other parts, like being at home, is normal.

I live in the wops and work from home anyway, so not much in my routine has changed. Other than walking the beautiful trails we have around here. Oh, and having a quarter of the amount of work because the event I was working on has been postponed until next year. It’s kinda funny really. The last few months I have been struggling with work. Well struggling with life in general really. I thought that if only I didn’t have to work and I could spend more time focussing on my wellness and our home and finding fun stuff to do. But get paid for it. Well, here I am. Almost jobless but be paid for it (very lucky for us the government has provided subsidies to those who lost work due to Covid-19). Not my normal pay but enough to cover the mortgage and bills which I am thankful for. Now in return, I need to make the most of my lockdown time.

My 28 day challenges are going well. Though just day 3, I’ve not touched alcohol, I did 101 squats yesterday and made my partner desert – vegan chocolate mousse. This was a treat because we don’t usually have desert, likely because I’m not really a great desert maker. Dinner is my dash. And I’ve done a 4km walk this morning. I’m feeling really good. Feeling like I can do this – the whole 28 days. That’s all it took Sandra Bullock right, and she was way worse than me and doing coke as well. Yeah. I got this.

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