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I'm good Music


Music would have to be my biggest tool in managing my bipolar. Which makes Spotify one of my best friends. I use one of their focus or study playlists when I’m struggling to stay on task. Or when I’m in the office and its noisy and I need my own space. When I have the …

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I'm good Sunshine and daisies.

Sunshine and daisies.

I haven’t taken my meds for a couple of days. It’s been about a week without citalopram. And only a couple of nights without lithium and quetiapine. Not on purpose. Just fallen out of routine I guess. But one thing I do notice when I stop taking my meds, is things get sharp again. I’m …

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I'm good I’m good.

I’m good.

It was my partner’s birthday yesterday. The week before I was dreading it because I hadn’t organised anything. But I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed doing nice things for him. I got excited about his birthday like I used to get excited about birthdays and Christmas when I was younger. I really liked the …

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