Bumpy but beautiful

Bumpy but beautiful

The last few months have been rather bumpy. Nothing unusual I guess. So now I’m back on the road to happiness again. Or at least wellness. This has not been going that great. The light bulb moment this time was a big disagreement with my partner, and the thought of losing him is really scary.

I’ve been in previous relationships where this has happened, and I’ve been happy to walk away. But not this time. I really love him and he really loves me. Which means that I need to pull finger and become the best person I can, to be the best partner that I can.

I, we both, drink a lot of alcohol. I know that alcohol works against my mental wellbeing and so I have invested in a programme to help me not drink alcohol for 28 days. (Actually I bought this programme months ago but now I am ready to use it.) 28 days without alcohol scares the shit out of me. Day 2 of this programme said to set another challenge to take your mind off the ‘no alcohol’ thing. So I have set three 28 day challenges to help take my mind of the big 28 day challenge:

  1. Exercise daily – no lavish expectations here and no pressure on myself. Just exercise – big or small. Today I did 21 push ups.
  2. Write daily – here is day 1.
  3. Do something each day to show my partner that I love him – we’re still not properly talking so I did his washing (which he usually does himself).

Already, I am feeling more positive and almost confident that I can do the next 28 days. I know that the road may still be bumpy but at least now I am looking for the beautiful too.

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